Tuesday, December 12, 2017

NSV Goals and Accomplishments

Most of us are familiar with the Whole30 NSV Checklist (click here to see it).

Well we got to thinking about the checklist and making it into more of a Before/After worksheet type of thing!

It doesn't take much to get me to dive into Excel to accomplish that!  I ran it by Melissa Hartwig and she has given the thumbs up to share this.

The idea is to go through the worksheet and in the first column, check those items you expect improvement with.  On Day 31, return to the worksheet and indicate whether each of those Expectations were met, not met, or stayed the same.  BUT....go through the entire worksheet to see if there were other areas you didn't expect improvement in that you had improvement (or even worsening) with.

Below are the two pages. Also, to download the Excel file to work with, click here - to download a pdf to work with/print off, click here.

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