Friday, September 25, 2015

Aldi's Shopping for Whole30

  • Not all locations carry all items
  • Brand names vary between locations and also may change in each location, so check for non-compliant ingredients at all times! (mostly problematic are added sugar, non compliant oil, carageenan)
  • Aldi's is a cash-and-carry establishment; however they do take debit cards
  • You'll need to pay to use a shopping cart, but get your money back once you return the cart
To download this as:
  • PDF format, click HERE.


  1. Thanks for such a comprehensive list! I couldn't find compliant almond milk at our Aldi. Also wish I had seen your note about the almond butter.. paid almost $7 for a little jar and got home to find it has sugar in it.. grrr.. wish I had checked at the store!

  2. I checked all the bacon in my store and they all had sugar.


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