Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Instant Gratification?

Simmie Sinow

One of our biggest problems with going on a weight loss program (yes, I know Whole30 is not for weightloss primarily, but let's be honest--a lot come to it for just that very reason, especially with the mixed messages on that from the Hartwigs) is the need for instant gratification. We expect to change our eating habits and lose a gazillion pounds in days and if we don't see a drop, we give up. It is a process that takes time and effort, we CAN'T give up on ourselves, we have to keep trying, keep pressing onward and upward because the dedication is what will win in the end.

The same things we tell our children when we want them to walk...they fall and we stand them up..it takes them months to walk, months to talk, years to speak and converse well, months and years to learn but we want to lose weight in days. How happy are we for them when they accomplish these things? How hard do we push them to reach their goals?

How hard do we push ourselves to reach our own?

How quick are we to give up on ourselves when we don't see immediate results?

We are not being fair to ourselves or the process!!

Use that same methodology we use for the children...patience, perseverance, dedication. We have to keep working at it and it will pay off in the end. Have faith, do not give up. Be strong together as a group!!!

It is nice to lose weight quick (which not all experience), but the issue is that we can easily put it back on just as quick as we lost it if we don't change our way of thinking. The loss will be temporary, not permanent -- learn those new eating and dietary habits and have them become a true *habit*. If we are not willing to do this, then no diet or lifestyle change is going to work, not even this one. Get the change in your heart and brain, and you'll be ready to transition to a more habit-filled Paleo (or whatever you decide to do after Whole30).

We ARE an instant gratification society, especially with weight, but think about it:

HOW LONG did it take all of you (especially those of us with over 50 pounds to lose) to GAIN the weight?

It is not going to come off fast, it is a gradual process.

And to keep it off, a MINDSET change HAS to happen.

Otherwise, you may as well go on to the next diet right now.

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