Thursday, July 27, 2017

Whole30 REINTRODUCTION -- a must!

Simmie Sinow

Did you know that Reintroduction is a mandatory part of Whole30? Yes, this is true.

We all know those who don't want to do Reintroduction.  Some because they don't plan to add things back into their eating program, others because they don't trust themselves. And others because they don't understand the process of Food Freedom.

What they don't realize is that Reintroduction is not necessarily about adding those items back into your food rotation, but knowing which foods you need to treat like poison, which foods you can tolerate occasionally with minimal reactions, and which foods can be added back into rotation with no reactions.

Doing an elimination diet and not reintroducing just makes no sense, because you don't come out of it knowing which foods are causing issues -- and that is the whole point. Whole30 is not a "forever" plan, so knowing where to start with customizing your way of eating is essential.

We all know that the reintroduction schedule from Whole30 is lacking some items.  Below you will find graphics of both the Whole30 schedule and also the schedule that has worked best for me.

You can also add another two categories: split wine into organic (no sulfites) in addition to the wine category; split sugar into an artifical sweeteners category in addition to the sugar category.  I found that adding an artificial sweeteners category to be super helpful. Splitting dairy into 2 categories is, in my opinion, really important -- a lot of people  can tolerate either yogurt/milk or cheeses, but not both.



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