Sunday, August 10, 2014

Simmie's Foolproof Mayonnaise

Simmie Sinow

This recipe is the result of trial and error with several different recipes online (NomNom Paleo and SeriousEats) that didn't quite "cut it" for me.  This is now my 100% foolproof recipe using a stick/immersion blender.

The foolproof part of it, I believe, is in:
  • the size of the egg yolk
  • using egg yolk only and not a whole egg
  • the temperature of the egg yolk and water
  • Using a blender cup or the cup that comes with your blender and not your mason jar!
This recipe requires a stick blender. This method WILL NOT WORK in a regular blender.

Are you tired of struggling with making mayonnaise in a regular blender? How about the oil dribbling that has to be done so slow that it almost feels like you're not adding any oil to it at all? For about 3 minutes, no less!

Well fear not, this is a recipe that will take about 30 seconds start to finish, if that; probably closer to 10 seconds.

Here we go.  First the ingredients:

Put the following in a blender cup or a 2 cup mixing bowl. Do not use your mason jar for this unless you want failure!!

1 Jumbo egg yolk, cold
1 Tbsp water, cold (as in from the refrigerator door or ice cold)
1/2 Tbsp lemon juice (this is too much for me; I use lime juice or ACV instead)
1 heaping tsp dry mustard (I sometimes double this, you don't taste the mustard)

Swish it around a bit until you can see that it's well little bits of the mustard powder floating anywhere. Do not use your blender for this part!

Then add, all at once:
1 cup olive, walnut, or avocado oil (you can also use light tasting olive oil)

Place the head of immersion blender at bottom of the cup and switch it on (set it to low, not high). As mayonnaise begins to form, continue to let it emulsify thoroughly -- the oil will be sitting on top at the this point and that's ok. Move the blender head around and then slowly lift it up (do NOT tilt the container)  until all the oil is emulsified. Make sure you don't see any sneaky remnants hanging onto the side of your blender cup!

Hint: If you blend the oil in for too long, you may wind up with runny mayo; don't throw it out! You can make Dump Ranch dressing from that.

Season to taste with salt.  Personally I think this tastes great without salt, but everyone's salt level is different.

Store in a sealed container in the refrigerator.

How long will this be good?
It should last at least five days beyond the expiration on your egg carton. Mine is usually good for about 3 weeks.  But then again, mine doesn't usually last long enough to find that out!

How do I know when it has gone bad?
Two ways!
(1) Smell test -- smell it and if it's gone bad, it MAY have a slight overly sweet or (I hate to say this....but...) rancid smell, but NOT always.
(2) My sure fire way to test it is to dip the prongs of a fork in the mayo, and just "dot" it on your tongue -- if it's gone bad, you'll know that way, before you use it in a recipe.


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