Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Lazy Salsa

Recipe Author: Angie Ojeda-Kreiman 

1 28-oz can chopped tomatoes (fire roasted work really well) [See Note 1]
2 4-oz cans chopped Ortega green chiles
1 can of diced jalapeños slices, diced [See Note 2]
1 bundle of green onions: thinly slice all of the white bulbs but only slice 3 or 4 of the green stalks
1/2 bunch cilantro chopped (remove the leaves off the stem, rinse, then wrap the leaves in a paper towel, dry & chop)
1 Tbsp California style Garlic Salt with Parsley

Mix all the ingredients together. Be careful with the jalapeños--chop a few slices at a time and taste before you add more. You can also add some of the jalapeño juice for more of a kick.

You can also make this with fresh tomatoes & fresh jalapeños but it will have a different consistency.

Note 1: When tomatoes are fresh you can use fresh rather than canned.

Note 2: You can buy a jar of sliced jalapeños & dice a couple at a time & add them gradually to taste--or use fresh chiles,chopped or roasted chiles. If you use roasted chiles combine with a bit of coarse kosher salt in a mortar & use a pestle to smash them.

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